Todays thrift store deal

Well, I am so excited !! I had this “urge” to go to the thrift store all day but I was ignoring it trying not to go shopping – plus the kids didn’t feel like going – so I just ignored the urge – until DH came home that is LOL!!

Just a general need to get out of the house and that nagging urge to go to the thrift store – and i figured that going to the thrift store would be cheap at least too plus i am a firm believer that as Oprah once said that “intuition is God whispering in you ear !! ”

Today was 1/2 price on the peach colored tags and 25c each for the green tags – well my urges or intuition had me hit some great deals- here is what i got for 25 c each:

  • 6 baby towels ( 1 a baby Dior)
  • 2 light wt baby blankets and 5 cloth diapers i plan to cut up into what will become homemade baby wipes
  • 2 crib sheets
  • and a round play mat that has different activities on it

than for 1.00 i got a womans XL ankle length floral print flannel nightgown – i figured i could use the material to make the American girl doll PJ’s i got a pattern for for 99c at Joann’s yesterday- in fact there would probably be enough for a few pairs

oh and for $2 my 9 yo got a pair of athletic snap pants that will be good to wear when she is going to cheer-leading practice to wear over her shorts when its cool out

Than I was talking to my Mom today about the deal I got on the crib and she said she would buy us the crib mattress – of course I will still keep my eye out for the best deal for that too !!