I just happen to catch bits and pieces

I just happen to catch bits and pieces of a deal for Gateway Computers – that the company will accept trade ins of any old computer – not just old gateways. My girlfriend has to audit the sales staff of several gateway stores and some Office Max stores even have a booth manned by Gateway staff.

She is really impressed by the machine speed and all the extras thrown in. My husband is a computer geek for a living – yet he still chose a gateway because of all the software that he wants comes pre-loaded on the main drive. UPS man delivered our complete system with no crushed or missing containers and we were on the net in a matter of 20 minutes of setup.

Definitely checking out used computer part stores are a great source of people who build a computer system with all old parts or create systems like Gateway with all new parts. The math department at colleges and universities will be another pool of computer builders.

My husband has a friend who is a computer consultant during the day, and on the side he runs a business from his home setting up computers for families and training them on how to use the Internet or software packages.