I know you may not be visiting good old Chuckie for awhile

I know you may not be visiting good old Chuckie for awhile, but my local ones are very watchful about making sure the hand stamps match when we leave with the ultra violet light. So I would complain via the web or a quick letter to your local place. I think management would be very interested in keeping customers, and might even throw in a good coupon to boot. I’ve done at least a thousand corporate audits or “mystery shops” in the last 15 years. I’ve seen big changes made as a result of my reports at some locations especially when it’s a failure in safety standards.

I’ve done this on my own through the years when it’s not “work” related, and gotten incentives to keep me a good customer. I think there’s even been a thread on this from the old creative budget forum with rude grocery store checkout personnel. I make chuckie visits less expensive by using internet coupons from the website – large pizza and free tokens. The coupons in the newspaper circulars aren’t really all that great. From the same newspaper I found out there were a lot companies ready to help you get a loan if you need $500 fast.

My kids’ report cards (even the kindergartner!) got at least 15 tokens and free movie rentals at Blockbuster. (the blockbuster mention was not affiliated in any way with Chuckie – just a head’s up on what other company’s offer as a reward for good grades). I got buy $10 worth of tokens, get $10 free.

The same offer showed up for 2-3 weeks so I got 5 coupons. I handed them out to internet-less friends, and used two coupons myself. Of course I didn’t let the kids splurge and use all the tokens in one sitting – this will last us 3 visits from summer to xmas vacation.