Funny you should bring that up

funny you should bring that up – well it seats seven and with the whole family when teh baby is born there will be seven of us

BUT i am in a carpool that is seven before the baby is born – so here is my plan : i am going to keep an eye out call junk yards etc looking for a second third seat that will seat three and put it in the middle – so i will have have 2 seats that will seat 3 which will make it 8 seater – i will put the younger kids in the carpool in the back

They can climb over the seat- its only a 5 min drive and all my driving is basically local so I am not too concerned if they are a little tight for 5 min – they will live!!! I got the idea when i was cking out what it is worth and it had the option of 5 seater or 7 seater ( the 5 seater would have the third seat in teh middle and more room in back for cargo – so i know it was tested to be sold that way and is safe also – where i work they have those 12 seater and 15 seater vans – they are so huge – i can’t see myself driving one (i am only4 ’11”) nor do i really want to either

I was thinking maybe a conversion van some seat 8 ) or a used suburban but that would still mean more payments- plus possibly someone else’s headache plus i see kids climbing over the middle seat in the suburban to get to the back anyway — plus I like being car payment free — I can still drive car pool to sports stuff either by being the take home Mom (after DH is home to stay with the other kids) or since i am usually within 1-2 miles of home i will occasionally leave my 12 1/2 yo DS with the 6 yo DS for a few minutes (house locked up etc.)

I figure if we ever take a trip that we may need more room we will rent something – but no use paying new payment for an occasional thing Funny thing is that Lori and I were talking as she was looking for something bigger too- found out we had come up with the same ideas LOL!!!