The Fall season will bring us a new baby

The Spring season will bring us a new baby on or near April 19th. So, I have decided to start stocking up my pantry and freezer. I have been lucky in the last few weeks to stock up majorly on sugar, tuna and .99 cent Jif peanut butter (Yay, it’s our family’s favorite!). I have been watching the grocery ads and have been stopping by the stores at least once a day to pick up my limit of loss leaders. (My dh stops on his way to work)

I am going back to work for the 6 weeks or so until I have the baby, mostly to pay off some bills, save a little and put us in better shape for my staying home again once the baby is born.

I have also been stockpiling free ride gift certificates so I can cut my Christmas bill down to nearly nothing like I did last year.