This place is a huge budget buster for me

This place is a huge budget buster for me, so I only get there once a year and I only take cash in with me! I’d love to have almost everything in there!

For those of you who like to have taper candles on hand, they have a box of them (20 I think) for about $5. These candles, when burned, make a bit of a lip so that wax doesn’t drip out on your table.

I love having these on hand for when the power goes out. This box should last for a good long time as well. The last time we were there, we ended up getting three 6 ft x 4 ft oriental style rugs ($40 each) and a same size rug with roadways and buildings on it for daughter’s room ($30). 2 of the orientals are in the basement, as floor covering for the kid’s play area.

I had the other rug in the living room, but we have moved it out for awhile until the kids are less messy. Cracker crumbs get crushed right through this thing and it ends up being extremely messy under there.

Other than that, these are wonderful rugs for the price and they look very nice. Ooooh, I want to go back now!!!!

I saw that but i am too neurotic a Mom

I saw that but i am too neurotic a Mom to leave my kids there even if my 12 yo son was there with the younger ones – just too many wackos in the world- and i don’t even trust them if they stamp your hand give matching name bands etc. cause they do that when ya walk n at our Chuck e cheese but they never really ck it when ya walk out anyhow i spent a total of 50$ ( GASP ) on storage thing that i can put together and put Rubbermaid bins under so each kids will get their own bin for backpack lunches etc and they can put their shoes on the shelf

Also a sifter a few kitchen stuff dd a new lampshade and a cool nightlite they were out of my chairs – wahhhhh but they are due to get more in so we may have to head up there again in the next two weeks or so – we are going up to take the three oldest to my Mom for a few days – and its on teh way to my mom’s on 8/20 so we may pick them up then so i am still hanging on to my coupon LOL!!!