The coupons I mentioned

The coupons I mentioned for getting free tokens at was much earlier this summer and expired at the end of July. But, I’m sure later in the year it might come back or you’ll find other specials that your family could use.

I saw the large pizza and free tokens coupon at the chuckie cheese site a few weeks ago and that offer was good until the end of August. I’ve seen one for june and july so I figured it automatically changed with the calendar. I don’t remember the exact area I accessed the coupon so when I get time later, I’ll try to find the exact thing to mouse click.

I need a JC Penney Discount/coupon

Does anyone know how I can save some money at J C Penney’s?

I have to pick up my Reunion dress that cost $132.00 on Friday.

I am fairly new at finding the great deals on the net, so if any one knows how I may save some money on this it would be greatly appreciated.

If I can save a few bucks then maybe I could actually buy a matching pair of shoes to go with it. Lol! Boy I had no idea how much money these things cost! I have my 20 year High School Reunion next week and I finally found a dress today! I guess I work better under pressure, it only took me 4 1/2 hours, maybe 50 dresses later to come to a decision. lol.

Thanks for any help you could offer!

A good day

Thanks to Debbi for posting the Penney’s $10 off $10 coupon. We got ours today. We are going to be in Ocean City on the 13th but hopefully there is a Penney’s nearby. Does anyone here live near OC, MD ?

Also got my $25 g/c to Applebees from a 1-800 gift certificates ( I think this was earned through something), and the VERY nice picnic backpack from the Nissan test-drive. DH didn’t even test-drive the Nissan. The salesperson asked if he was interested and DH said no and they just signed the paper.

LOL ! It’s very nice with service for 4 in one part and a cooler section in the back part. Very nice gift !

Also our valu-pak came today. It always has B1G1F for the video store, ice cream place, mini-golf place, and a coupon for the Christian book store for another 20% off clearance stuff. Those carpet samples came too. Debbi I don’t think you can use them in your dollhouse unless it’s VERY small ! LOL There is cardboard sample board with 15 color squares that are about 2 inches square and the other side has 2 pieces (different thicknesses) that are about 5 inches by 7 inches. Not sure what I’m going to do with these.

Ideas anyone ?