Well, I’m finally back home

Hey all,

Well, I’m finally back home and it is way too hot still….my idea of a luxurious celebration would be a motel room (any motel room!) mega air conditioning and cable! But beyond my own fantasies, here are some other thoughts….something that results with a nice memento–I’ve never done it but I am fascinated by those coffee shops/pottery places where you decorate your own plate/mug etc and they fire it for you. Spend a day/night at a street festival–fun/scary houses, the silly games are all great for a giggle.

And don’t forget pictures–my favorites are the strip ones that come from the booths. We once went to an outdoor concert and I packed a gourmet picnic (which has never happened since because dh just wondered where the hotdogs were….) We love flea markets and will make a special trip for one. I love the local produce that you can find at flea markets–honey, sorghum syrup, watermelon! We do all night movie festivals also. Star wars and the Planet of the Apes series are forever engrained in my mind.

Good luck on deciding what to do!

Lis in AL.