Land’s End Backpack

Just wanted to let you all know of my excitement for the day. Last year I bought my 3 kids each a Land’s End backpack for school. They were in the sale catalog and were almost half price because the colors for the new ones had changed. Early into the school year my younger son had a zipper stick on one of the outside pockets.

While trying to fix it the zipper broke of course. We just ignored it the rest of the year since it was only an outside pocket and not the main zipper. Also the pack has 2 other pockets so I told him to use those. Today I called them to see if they would do anything about it and they are sending out a brand new backpack!!

They didn’t have the exact one that he has but a comparable one is being sent!! Yoo-hoo! They are sending a postage label so I can send the old one back to them when we receive the new one. This is what I call service! There is a difference in quality of their merchandise as well. I only buy it on sale or at thrift stores but the clothes last and wash really well.